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Welcome to Durban Street Food Festival!

Durban Street Food Festival Summer Edition
16 - 20 December 2015



Durban Street Food Festival Summer Edition invites you to experience the melting pot of flavours that made Durban the smorgasbord it is today. Indulge in the unique flavours of Durban's legendary inner-city and coastal vendors from Warwick Junction, Blue Lagoon and beyond.

Tickle your tastebuds with bunny chows and shisa nyama, walky talkys and burgers, seafood, asian, vegan cuisine and tastes from every corner of our cosmopolitan city.

The next course of Festival fires up on Wednesday, 16 December, the Day of Reconciliation. Taste the raw ingredients that make up the rich cultures of Durban in a celebration of Unity in Diversity.


Food for the soul will be served over the 5 days of the festival by Durban’s finest singers, dancers, comedians, poets, street artists and musicians. While you tease your tastebuds, enjoy the sumptuous sounds of the finest local live musicians by day and DJs to heat things up when the sun goes down.

Celebrate the spirit of unity and get down with African and Indian dancers, street dance battles and a selection of Durban's eclectic sounds.

From folk, jazz, indie, indian, rock, gqom, marimba and hip hop to cutting-edge electronica, we've got something in store to tickle your earbuds.


Experience the textures of Durban with live street art, be a part of artist interviews and get your grubby paws on the future of fashion by the city’s chicest young designers.

Enjoy a series of Pecha Kucha short talks from Durban's exceptional artists and entrepreneurs, then learn how to take the taste back home with lessons from the finest local culinary wizards.

Durban Street Food Festival Summer Edition will be hosting the 6th annual Interpret Durban competition and exhibition. This year ID6 invites young visual artists to show the way they see our city through one of lifes greatest joys - FOOD - through video, visual arts, photography or illustration/design.



Day of Reconciliation Wednesday 16 December 11:00 - 00:00

Celebrate the Day of Reconciliation with a feast of Durban’s finest dancers and musicians representing the diverse flavours of our vibrant city. Come together over a meal.

Thursday 17 December 16:00 - 00:00

Learn about the culinary culture of Durban at a Pecha Kucha series of presentations, then enjoy an evening of wine tasting while listening to the city's coolest grooves.

Friday 18 December 16:00 - 02:00

Experience the city's finest visual arts. Tonight at Durban Street Food Festival Summer Edition we welcome the city's finest young visual artists at the 6th annual Interpret Durban competition, exhibition and party.

Saturday 19 December 11:00 - 02:00

Enjoy a day of family fun and a night of getting down to the city's heartbeat.

Sunday 20 December 11:00 - 22:00

Sit back and enjoy live jazz, poetry, comedy and loads of fun for kids of all ages.

Past Programme: DSFF 24 - 27 September 2015

Thursday 24 September 2015

11:00 Doors open
12:00 Dani Nieuwoudt
13:00 Capoeira
13:30 Steel Drums
14:00 Cultural Act
15:00 Kirtan
16:00 Matt Vend
17:00 DJ Q One
18:00 Durban Street Food Discussions
19:00 Easy Freaks
20:00 Lietenant Fizzer
22:00 Close

Friday 25 September 2015

17:00 Doors open
18:00 DJ Q One
19:00 Red Bull and DEF Couch Session with Thibo Tazz
20:00 Snap Back Live
21:00 Thibo Tazz
22:00 Veranda Panda Live
00:00 Close

Saturday 26 September 2015

11:00 Doors open
12:00 Arabella Latham
13:00 Sebastian Goldswaine
14:00 Stone Palace
15:00 Subway Run
16:00 Touch of Soul
17:00 Underground Zone Street Dance Battle
19:00 Nightvision
20:00 Aewon Wolf
21:00 Bhashkar
22:00 Disco Dragon
00:00 Close

Sunday 27 September 2015

11:00 Doors open
12:00 Kwazi Ndlangisa
12:15 Njongo Capoeira
13:00 Malegbongwe Zulu
14:00 Rowan Stuart
15:00 Bradley Downs
16:00 5th Season Jazz
17:00 Comedy
18:00 DJ Dash
22:00 Close


Durban Street Food Festival Summer Edition will be held in a new venue on the streets of Durban's inner city, along Florence Nzama Street (previously Prince Alfred Street), as well as in the historical Rivertown Beerhall.

Long, long ago, the area was swamp land, until the city commissioned engineer John Milne to build a canal to drain the land and make it useable for the people. Within a few years, trade and industry moved in, with wagon manufacturing and later automative engineering being the dominant industry – the area became known as ‘Motortown’.

In 1914 the Municipal Beerhall was built as a social gathering place for labourers in the area. In 1993 the building was due to be demolished by the Durban City Council, but was saved at the eleventh hour by the Durban Art Gallery staff, who saw its potential as a conservation centre.

Rivertown Beerhall speaks directly to Durban Street Food Festival‘s values of urban regeneration and we are honoured to welcome you to explore a slice of Durban‘s history.
Rivertown Beerhall


Aewon Wolf

Aewon Wolf

As a founder of the biggest hip hop movement in the city of Durban, RUN DBN, Aewon Wolf has played a significant role in shaping the musical culture in Durban, and continues to nurture the careers of budding talent in the city.
Veranda Panda

Veranda Panda

Veranda Panda is Liam and Jane. They make music with machines and a violin. Born and bred on the east coast of South Africa, the unlikely mix of violin and electronica has risen to become one of South Africa's most popular acts. Having toured extensively, playing every major festival in SA, with performances in Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Reunion Island, Liam and Jane have rocked their unique brand of music in almost every possible scenario. This is music to make you dance.


Having begun his career at the homes of House and dance culture in Durban, De La Sol and Tilt, Bhashkar has taken his skills all over Durban and to area codes across the country. Starting out as a resident Deep House DJ at Durban's premier House venue, Bhashkar has since evolved his audio palette to include the funky electro sound of Nu-Disco. Versatility is the name of the game and crowds always feel catered to with a personalised mix of familiar sounds and undiscovered gems.
Night Vision

Night Vision

Night Vision is the reason that Dubstep, Trap, Twerk, Drum and Bass and Bass music exist on the east coast. He began throwing parties with Niskerone as headlining act, and has never looked back since. Uber Cool Events is the sole provider of quality underground music in Durban since 2009, and Night Vision is no exception.
Disco Dragon

Disco Dragon

The enigmatic Disco Dragon blazes a trail of electronica from the deepest house to the darkest techno, drum n bass to swing and beyond. Incorporating live keys and effects with sparks of psychadelic, groovy funk, Disco Dragon is a smoldering production turning festival floors to cinders.
Easy Freaks

Easy Freaks

Easy Freak is a new 2 piece band based in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. Their sound is hard to pin down, as it’s an eclectic mix of Funk/Indie/Soul/Pop and other sounds combined, but one thing’s for sure, they’ll get you moving.
Dani Nieuwoudt

Dani Nieuwoudt

Singer/Songwriter Dani is back from her travels and music studies abroad to serenade the streets of her home town once again. After a summer tour of the UK, 2015 has been an eventful homecoming year of festivals, collaborations, co-writes and the remastering of her debut album, Open Spaces.
Malibongwe Zulu

Malibongwe Zulu

Malibongwe Zulu plays a mixture of genres, ranging from Indie and Pop to stripped-down House music. Some people call it charismatic, charming music. Says Mali, "Our performances will definitely bring one one of two emotions. The feeling of missing someone or actually holding them closer."
Rowan Stuart

Rowan Stuart

South African singer-songwriter-guitarist Rowan Stuart has created an inimitable brand of folk music, with pop and world influences. Recalling Sting's imaginative storytelling, Death Cab for Cutie's sense of space and beauty, and John Mayer's tight grooves, Rowan uses his notable prowess on the guitar as the foundation for his creativity.
Touch of Soul

Touch of Soul

Touch of Soul is Swazi born DJ, based in Durban where he is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Housing (Human Settlements) at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Part of the Red Bull family, Touch of Soul has played events including Red Bull Studio Nights, Splashy Fen, Kas’Lami Buildup and more. Recently Touch of Soul has joined Eyaini Launge in Umlazi for the Ekasi Sundays where he has been lined up with some of the biggest names in the South African music industry.
Bradley Downs

Bradley Downs

Bradley Downs is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who has a vast capacity for versatility. Bradley plays a range of acoustic music with his speciality being the slide guitar and the multi-stringed zither, pairing his raw voice with gritty original song lyrics and bluesy harmonica for a nostalgic sound.
Njongo Capoeira

Njongo Capoeira

The NjongoCapoeira initiative is a movement that seeks to use the art as a medium for community skills development and self help. The isiZulu term “injongo” means purpose or aim. Social mobility being one of the main principles. Activities include music, movements and team building exercises. A sustainable healthy lifestyle for the young and old alike.
Matt Vend

Matt Vend

Matt Vend and The Tender Ten is the solo project of South African born singer/journalist/songwriter/traveler and nomad Matt “Beard” Vend who has been playing music in bands since 1999, from the “tender” age of 14. His projects include one of the most influential punk bands to come out of Durban in the last decade, Sibling Rivalry.
Stone Palace

Stone Palace

Stone Palace is a 3 piece alternative rock band, birthed from the ever-evolving Durban music scene. Taking influence from bands such as Radiohead and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stone Palace strives to bring soul and passion to every performance and create music that both moves and inspires audiences.
Kwazi Ndlangisa

Kwazi Ndlangisa

Kwazi Ndlangisa is an award winning South African performance poet, vocalist, creative writer and art activist based in Durban. His poetry is a fusion of dreams, visions and reality inspired by nature, language and life in rural areas.
The Subway Run

The Subway Run

The Subway Run is one of Durban's finest young bands, combining elements of soul, folk and indie rock. With inspirations ranging from Shakey Graves and Louis Armstrong to Ben Howard, Mumford and Sons and more, prepare yourself for a musical adventure!
Arabella Latham

Arabella Latham

Arabella Latham is an 18 year old songwriter/singer who has opened for some of South Africa's most internationally recognized acts such as Just Jinger and Goldfish. "I like to think of myself as a songwriter before a singer or a guitarist because song writing for me is a way of telling my stories. That is all I really want as a musician - for people to hear my stories and be able to relate to them."
Lietenant Fizzer

Lietenant Fizzer

Lieutenant Fizzer was born Travis Ferris Wheel Hyde, named after George Washington Ferris, the inventor of the Ferris Wheel. He emerged like a freshly-popped cork from the bleak obscurity of the depression-era dust bowl to land neatly in the bubbling champagne flute of high-society Swing.

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